Rated 2.0

A young man (Nick Stahl) returns to his hometown after a breakup with his girlfriend, finding his best pal (Jonathan Jackson) in meltdown and the pal’s girlfriend missing. James M. Hausler’s “psychological thriller” comes to DVD after a fitful theatrical release, and no wonder: It’s like a half-decent student project shoved unready into the world and trying to pass for the real thing. Stahl and Jackson attack their roles (and Hausler’s over-ripe lines) with dogged earnestness, but things get less credible with every scene. It’s too studied and untextured by half—streets are empty except for speaking roles, parties are underpopulated and silent (couldn’t afford any music rights?). Worst of all, Hausler’s “insights” are callow and self-impressed. As Stahl’s father, Robert Forster is welcome but wasted.