Juwanna Mann

Rated 2.0 NBA hotshot Jamal Jefferies (Miguel A. Nunez Jr. from Nutty Professor II: The Klumps) has an ego bigger than his paycheck. He gets suspended from the league for stripping to the buff and wiggling his wiener at the crowd after being booted from a game. With no income filling his party coffers, he loses his gold-digger girlfriend, agent, home and expensive cars. After hitting rock bottom, he resurrects himself as a superstar in drag on a women’s professional basketball team where he learns about the importance of teamwork and falls in love with a fellow “ball handler” (and throws up other obvious jokes). This vapid courtside Tootsie, which does provide a few grins, co-stars Vivica A Fox (Soul Food), Kevin Pollak, Tommy Davidson (a scene-stealer as a gold-toothed rapper) and pop singer Ginuwine. Directed by Jesse Vaughan.