Just say no

It’s not unusual for a pot smoker to develop some unwarranted paranoia. There’s something in cannabis that touches that spot in your brain where the fear of law enforcement hangs out.

But there are some users in California who should be paranoid, because smoking pot just got more dangerous for thousands of people. And it’s not paranoia if there really is someone out there. This time it’s the DEA that’s lurking about, and their aggressive stance on medical marijuana has even got a prosecutor upset.

In an interesting turn of events, the district attorney of San Francisco, Terrence Hallinan, recently snitched on the DEA. He warned that federal agents are targeting several Bay Area cannabis clubs for surveillance and raids, and the Feds won’t get any support from him.

Hallinan and a lot of other Californians are upset that the DEA is raiding organizations that provide medical marijuana under state law. One of the clinic raids in El Dorado County is detailed in “Reefer madness”. Thousands of medical records have been seized, which raises serious questions about patient privacy.

The business operated in the open and appeared to have the backing of local and state officials. So who is paranoid in regards to the use of medical marijuana? Could it be the federal government?