Just make it

Marble art
These customizable magnets are an artistic way to organize the to-do lists, photos, coupons and homemade art cluttering your fridge.

Cost: About $25 for 20 magnets.

Supplies: scissors, magazines, clear-drying epoxy glue, clear circular marbles (about three-quarters of an inch in diameter) that are flat on one side, circular magnets (three-quarters of an inch in diameter and one-quarter-inch thick) and a three-quarter-inch circle punch (some have windows so you can preview the area being punched).


1. Armed with a marble, scan the pages of your magazines, looking for striking images. When something catches your eye, place the marble (flat side down) over the image to get a preview of your magnet-to-be.

2. Once you have an image selected, use your scissors and circle punch to crop the image to fit the flat surface of the magnet.

3. With cropped image in hand, dab a small amount of epoxy onto the magnet. Place the image on the magnet, face up.

4. Dab a small amount of epoxy onto the flat side of the marble and press on top of the image.

5. Lay the magnet to dry completely on a flat surface.

6. Once dry, decorate magnetic surfaces to your heart’s content.

Flower power
Colorful flower broaches are perfect for women (and metrosexual men) who appreciate flowers with staying power. We can assure you these babies won’t wilt and die. Plus, they’re a great addition to a sweater, a purse or an Armani tie.

Cost: About $7 for seven flowers.

Supplies: scissors, a needle, embroidery thread, felt in assorted colors, a button (antique stores often have unusual selections, but any button will do) and pin backs.


1. Use scissors to cut three flower-shaped pieces of varying sizes and colors from felt. (Making stencils first can be very helpful.)

2. Layer the three pieces in a visually pleasing manner.

3. Armed with a needle and thread, stitch the top two flower pieces together. We suggest stitching from the center out to the tip of each petal.

4. Place the button in the center of the top flower piece and add the bottom flower piece to the stack. With thread and needle, stitch through all three flower layers and through the buttonholes until both are securely in place.

5. Place a pin back on the bottom of the three-layer flower you’ve created and stitch it to the bottom flower piece, hiding the thread between the second and third flower pieces.