Jerry Douglas

The most accomplished and versatile dobroist in the land, Douglas is at home with both Allison Kraus and jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, but he steps out on his own just fine. His dips and pulls on notes shine right away on Duane Allman’s “Little Martha.” On the 10-minute title track, written by Frisell, mandolinists Chris Thile (Nickel Creek) and Sam Bush join with bassist Victor Krauss and Douglas to stretch out for a mildly dissonant take on melancholia. The jazz continues with “Cave Bop,” with bebop sax from Jeff Coffin, and the moody “The Sinking Ship.” But trad-music fans get theirs too. Maura O’Connell and James Taylor sing on lovely songs “Footsteps Fall” and “The Suit,” and Douglas pulls the heartstrings on “Sernia’s Lament” and “In the Sweet By and By.” This release takes Douglas musically past his ’98 release Restless on the Farm without a misstep.