Rated 4.0

In New York during the ’90s, HIV/AIDS altered the landscape for any sort of romance. Poor Jeffrey has decided that giving up sex is the answer. The real problem is that he, like most of us, can’t really separate sex from love. Chris Plank’s performance in the lead role is impeccable, with just the right note of self-involvement to be exasperating rather than annoying. Also worth noting is the sensible balance between detail and flexibility stuck by set designer Roy Semerdjian. In spite of a handful of dated jokes, Jeffrey retains both good laughs and the ability to inspire us to take risks of the right kind.
The Lambda Players, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays; $13-$16.50. The Studio Theatre, 1028 R Street; (916) 444-8229; Through June 28.