Jeepers Creepers

Rated 2.0 Siblings Darius and Trish (Justin Long and Gina Philips) take the long, rural way home from college during spring break. First, they are terrorized by an apparent madman driving a fortified truck (even the windows are covered with steel plates). All hell breaks loose down the road after the two co-eds see the mysterious driver dump two sheet-wrapped bodies down a large drainpipe and decide to investigate. Victor Salva (Powder) has made one of the scariest, most sadistic and most wildly preposterous movies of the year. The first half is a near-classic encounter between young adults and a sinister stalker that plays like Duel meets Silence of the Lambs. It uses some ingenious dialogue to build characters and crawl under your skin. The latter half is drive-in creature-feature rubbish that tosses a human-organ-eating monster, psychic (Patricia Belcher) and shotgun-toting cat lady (Eileen Brennan) tossed into the mix.