Jeepers Creepers 2

Rated 2.0 A busload of college athletes and cheerleaders becomes stranded on a country road, where the students get picked off by a slurping leathery-winged monster. At least, I guess they’re in college; they look too old for high school. Not that it matters; nothing about this movie matters. But just in case it comes up in a trivia quiz some day, it was written and directed by Victor Salva, based on “characters” from his 2001 slasher flick. Really, though, there’s only one character from that: the monster himself, played by somebody named Jonathan Breck, whom Salva calls “The Creeper.” Oddly enough, he never creeps—he swoops and pounces, yes, but there’s no creeping. There’s no plot, either, just a gaggle of faceless characters (played by permanent nobodies) getting their grisly deserts and screaming at each other between attacks.