Jason X

Rated 1.0 Jason Voorhees, the unstoppable serial killer from the Friday the 13th movies, escapes from cryogenic suspension in the 25th century and begins picking off the crew of a spaceship on its way back to “Earth II.” And that’s the good news—the bad news is that the movie about it is here now. Director Jim Isaac and writers Victor Miller and Todd Farmer morph the series—which unfortunately seems as unkillable as Jason himself—into an amalgam of the Alien and Terminator films, only without the style. Among the hapless victims marked for imaginatively grisly death are Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, Chuck Campbell, Peter Mensah and Jonathan Potts; doing the honors is Kane Hodder, the oddly named stunt man who has been Jason from the beginning. The usual open-door ending promises more of the same.