Traditional Evening Schedule

Illustration By Steve Barbaria

Saturday, May 31st, 2003. 8:00 p.m.
Hosted by 100.5 The Zone’s Monica Lowe

Claire Plumb – Woodland High School
The Willow Song
from “The Ballad of Baby Doe” by Douglas Moore

from the motet Exultate, Jubilate
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Vladimir Degtyarev – Visions Home School
Impromtu No. 2 in E Flat Major Opus 90
by Franz Schubert

Folsom High School Chamber Orchestra
Concerto VIII
by Archangelo Correlli

Jubilate – Treble Vocal Ensemble
by Peteris Barisons

The Willow Plate
music by Zae Munn and text by Ann Kilkelly

Sacramento High School Concert Orchestra
Variations on a Theme by Handel
by Maurice C Whitney

Concerto Grosso in G Minor
Presto — Adagio — Allegro
by Antonio Vivaldi

Allegro in C
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Allegro vivace — Adagio — Presto
by Antonio Scarlotti

from “The Fair at Sorochinsk”
by Modest Moussorgsky


Folsom High School Jazz Band
Count Bubba
by Gordon Goodwin

Lush Life
by Labarbera

Northbeach Breakdown
by John Oddo

Woodland High School Chamber Singers
Let Me Be the Music
by Portia W. Nelson and David M. Friedman

Choose Something Like a Star
from “Frostiana”

Song for the Unsung Hero
by Pamela Martin and Joseph M. Martin

Davis High School Symphonic Orchestra
Procession of the Nobles from Mlada
by N. Rimsky-Korakov

from the Carmen Suite No. 1
by Georges Bizet

from the Carmen Suite No. 1
by Georges Bizet

Prelude on an Early American Folk Hymn
by Claude T. Smith

Concerto in C Major, 1st Movement
by Joseph Haydn
Cello Solo by Micheal Leung

Les Toreadors
from the Carmen Suite No. 1
by Georges Bizet