Jammies Thank You

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to those who unselfishly gave of themselves to make this event possible:

Thank you to our Sponsors:

BetterWorld Telecom | InterWest Insurance Services | Sacramento Kings | Capital Public Radio | Talent Launch

Thank you to our Advertisers:

Bill Graham Presents | California Family Health | Sacramento Film & Music Festival | Freestyle Clothing Exchange | Lasher Keen/In the Silence | Pinnacle College | Skip’s Music | KTXL Fox40

Special thanks to the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra

Special thanks to Daniel and Christine Santo of Talent Launch

Thank you to the Battle of the Bands venues:

The Refuge | Luigi’s Fun Garden | Club Retro | Grace Café | Capistrano Hall, CSUS

Special thanks to the Sacramento Film & Music Festival:
Co-Director Tony Sheppard

Special thanks to the UC Davis Department of Music

Thank you to our Judges:

Conductor/Music Director, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra Michael Morgan
Conductor, Sacramento State Symphony Orchestra Leo Eylar
Founding Director, Current Secretary and Vice President of Talent Launch Dan Santo
Classical Host, Capital Public Radio Michael Frost
Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra Marc Feldman
Executive Director, Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, UC Davis Dr. Don Roth
Former Lead Singer of ’80s New Wave Band Romeo Void Debora Iyall
Co-owner, Retrofit Recording John-Reed Thompson
Owner, Omina Labs (Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio) J-Intell

Thank you to our Hosts:

Two-time Sammies Hall of Famer Danny Secretion
Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra Marc Feldman

Special thanks to our Classical Jammies Collaborators:

Station Manager, Capital Public Radio Carl Watanabe
Classical Content Coordinator and Announcer, Capital Public Radio Kent Teeters
Community Engagement Manager, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra Julian Dixon
Marketing Officer Constance Crawford

Special thanks to Sacramento State:

Conductor, Sacramento State Symphony Orchestra Leo Eylar

Special thanks to Crest Staff:

Manager Sid Garcia-Heberger

Special Thanks to Mondavi Center Support Staff:

Director of Facilities Steve McFerron
Director of Production Eric Richardson
Ticket Office Manager Sarah Herrera
Ticket Office Supervisor Erin McDowell

Thank you to our Jammies Event Staff:
Director/Producer (Contemporary) Jerry Perry
Director/Producer (Classical) Tom Vannucci
Events Manager Michelle Champoux
Advertising and Sponsorship Project Manager Morelle Ellison
Director of Advertising, Sales & Marketing Jeff Lang
Sales Support LeeAnn Grundhoefer | Amy Nathman
Program Designers Miles Harley | Kate Murphy
Editorial Contributors Jeff Chinn | Stephanie Rodriguez | Shoka Shafiee
Copy Editor Kimberly Brown
SN&R Web Publishing & Support Kelsey Falle
Technical Director (Contemporary) Alex Renoir
Technical Directors (Classical) Julian Dixon | Tom Vannucci
Assistant Stage Managers Peri Champoux | Jeff Chinn | Felicia Cooper | Hannah De La Rosa | Stephanie Rodriguez
Sound (Contemporary) Bianchi Sound | Instrument Back Line by Skip’s Music
Technical Staff (Classical) Provided by the Mondavi Center, UC Davis
Video Production Access Sacramento
Event Photographer Steve Harriman
Program/Event Photographer Barry Wisdom