Jackass 3D

Rated 1.0

The third big-screen spinoff of the MTV series presents a dilemma for the reviewer. Does anyone really wonder what to expect from Johnny Knoxville and his crew? Do fans of the series even read movie reviews? More to the point, are people who read movie reviews seriously trying to decide between The Social Network and Jackass 3D? Assuming all Knoxville’s stunts are on the level–and they certainly look it, though there’s a surprising (even suspicious) lack of cuts, abrasions, bloody noses and broken bones—here’s some of what you can expect: Beehive Tetherball (self-explanatory), High Five (giant slapping hand on a spring) and Poo Cocktail Supreme (don’t ask). The boys often wear helmets for their stunts, evidently believing their heads contain something worth protecting. The 3-D adds little.