It’s Beer Week!

Sacramento Beer Week is upon us. Here’s what you’ll find in our annual Beer Issue

It's Sacramento Beer Week. Or, beer “week.” Since, you know, this year's brew fest extends longer than seven days. Eleven, in fact: from February 25 (the night of the Brewer's Showcase at Cal Expo) to March 6 (when the Capital Beer Fest hits Capitol Mall). Eleven friggin' days. One short of a 12 pack. Such is life.

Here's what you'll find inside our annual Beer Issue:

SN&R’s Bottle Shop of the Year

A List of Excellent Bottle Shops and Beer Bars

SN&R’s First Ever Brewery of the Year Winner

Don’t-Miss Sacramento Beer Week Events

A List of All Regional Breweries

Judge This: Our Writer (Who Cares Very Little About Beer) Chooses His Favorite Local Offerings

SN&R’s Beer Bar of the Year

You’re Not Getting Any Younger: On the Obsession with High-Octane Hops