South Pacific

Rated 3.0 Some musicals age better than others. South Pacific, with its fanciful storyline—fueled by WWII woo-woo, French Colonial frou-frou and Polynesian voodoo (“Your own special island!”)—gets pretty archaic at times.But the show does have irresistible Rodgers and Hammerstein songs, served here by a better-than-average pit orchestra, and it still makes a lovely vehicle for an aging leading man. It’s a bit startling to realize that Robert Goulet is actually of the same generation as Elvis Presley (they were born only 14 months apart), but Goulet represents the smooth, pre-rock baritone style. And he’s in his element here—charming as a courtly lover seeking the heart of a woman less than half his age, assured in his big songs. He’s the main reason to see the show.