Negatron, the apocalypse and zombies in the ‘hood

Really, really wanted to trumpet the bright visions of artist Jay Howell in a larger venue, but events following the November 2 election made that feat extremely difficult for this writer.

Howell, who works part time at the Tone Vendor store on J Street, recently saw his nifty little limited-edition (1,000) book of comic art and line drawings, Negatron, published by Abide Visuals and Weird Forest Records. It is worth checking out. Howell also has designed album covers for his pal Mark Kaiser’s indie record label, Omnibus, and the two of them are starting a new vinyl-only record label, Mt. St. Mtn., which will launch by releasing a compilation of music by Chris Woodhouse. Oh, and he designs skateboard decks, and he used to promote shows at the old Espresso Metro on K Street.

Howell also paints some very nice pictures, which combine elements of whimsical old-style magazine illustrations with a newer approach purloined from graffiti art. He’s largely self-taught, and his work will be on display at Gordo, Ultra Mega and the Like, a show at Artists Studio Gallery at 1727 I Street, behind Michelangelo’s Restaurant, this Saturday, November 13, along with works by Judd Hertzler and Gordo (a.k.a. Garin Moore). The reception is from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Howell, Hertzler and Moore last showed in June at Gallery Horse Cow, at 1409 Del Paso Boulevard. This weekend, Horse Cow features The Visionary and Apocalyptic Paintings of William Thomas Thompson and Norbert Cox, on Saturday, November 13, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., with a “special circus performance” at 9:30 p.m. Thompson is a Southern “outsider” artist from Greenville, S.C., whose massive, Book of Revelation-inspired paintings must be seen to be believed. Cox, who hails from Green Bay, Wisc., often collaborates with Thompson.

Finally, the conflict-of-interest police may not be down with what you’re about to read, but so be it. We couldn’t figure out how to cover director Bob Moricz’s beautiful new zombie movie, The Midnight of My Life, which screens this Saturday, November 13, at the Crest Theatre, at 1013 K Street. First, our good friends over at Team Scoopy on Q Street beat us to the punch with a Scene-section feature on Moricz two weeks ago, figuring that any homegrown movie with that many SN&R employees was a natural for coverage in this paper.

Of course, we couldn’t touch it; SN&R employees Amy Nathman and Becca Costello have large roles, and a few others around here pop up in smaller roles, including a clean-shaven yours truly, who gets assassinated before the opening credits. But even if we didn’t write a huge piece on it, go see it anyway. It’s got a fabulous soundtrack by Las Pesadillas, whose members appear in the film as zombies. The screening takes place at 11 p.m.; admission is $8.50.