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Improv Marathon

As amazing as the 48-Hour Comedy marathon was, it could also be an endurance test for audiences. The literal wall-to-wall-48-hours-of-comedy-fest started in 2013. For the performers, it provided an opportunity to try out some of their weirder ideas like Strip-prov: strip poker meets improv.

The Comedy Spot has since retired its 48-Hour Comedy Marathon in favor of the Improv Marathon, a three-day, improv-exclusive festival. We’re talking 12 hours of improv. That’s a lot of comedy!

In its debut last year, the event highlighted the Comedy Spot’s best improv troupes, such as Anti-Cooperation League, YOU! The Musical and Lady Business.

This year, the Improv Marathon returns with a few changes. The Comedy Spot will be making room for the weirder side of comedy while still keeping it improv-focused and making sure it’s within hours that decent people are still awake. Expect a showcase of the club’s most popular series in those prime slots. But the closer you get to midnight, the stranger things are likely to get. Strip-prov will return. Also, be sure to check out High-prov if you’ve ever wondered whether stoned comedians are better or worse at improv than their sober counterparts. A variety of passes, from one-day to three-day, get you into the event, which goes from March 31 to April 2. For more info, go to