20th Century Fox

When studio executives decided to shelve Idiocracy, Mike Judge’s long-awaited follow-up to Office Space, it raised questions. Were the suits too timid to release a movie that imagined an imbecilic future society ruled by corporations? Did they assume the American public wouldn’t “get” the satirical barbs? Was it too smart? Too political? Nope, it’s just really, really bad. The movie stars Luke Wilson as an average American frozen in an army experiment who thaws out 500-years later as the smartest man in the world. Judge would love the film to be seen as a critique of modern trash culture, but with its crotch-level humor and long dry spells between laughs, it’s more of a contributor. Idiocracy may have bombed in 2006, but it might just be a blockbuster in a dumbed-down world of the future.