Ice is nice!

People, it’s true. A holiday ice-skating rink—one that will likely be located directly in front of SN&R World Headquarters in Midtown on 20th and J streets—was approved last week by the Midtown Business Association board. The rink will replace the downtown one that won’t be operational this year due to renovations near the site.

According to the MBA, running the rink at the new location will cost a cool $250,000 and is estimated to bring about 24,000 skaters and 10,000 more spectators to Midtown for the holidays.

And did we mention shoppers? The notion that locals and others from all over the region may head to Midtown to skate, shop and eat out (instead of lining up at the mall) is inspiring. Since ice rinks are said to do well during recessions (maybe for the same reason Hollywood rakes it in at the box office during hard times?), we’re sure the MBA’s investment will pan out.

How do we at SN&R plan to get any work done with all that holiday fun and noise going on down in front? Hmm. There’s no doubt the rink will bring a bit of holiday chaos our way. Can you say major distraction? It’s going to be tough for us to hear ourselves think as the skaters circle round and round to loudspeakers blaring “Winter Wonderland” and “Let It Snow” over and over. And over.

But we’re getting in the spirit of this great idea anyway. Bring on the skates!