I, Tonya

Rated 2.0

Winston Churchill said that the price of greatness is responsibility, but for cinephiles, the price of great auteurs is homage.  For every Paul Thomas Anderson that Martin Scorsese has influenced, there are hundreds of Craig Brewers, middling tracers who vapidly incorporate Scorsese-ian elements devoid of context or impact.  Brewer (Million Dollar Arm) takes a crack at Goodfellas-esque multi-narrator storytelling and kinetic style with I, Tonya, an unnecessary biopic about figure skater Tonya Harding.  Margot Robbie plays Harding over the course of several decades, and although Robbie is a lock to win the Best Actress Oscar, she only delivers more of the vacuum-sealed charisma that she brought to Suicide Squad (she has screen presence, but not screen substance).  I, Tonya works hard to make Harding sympathetic, especially compared to her abusive husband (Sebastian Stan) and monstrous mother (a costume-y Allison Janney), but I just felt bad for Nancy Kerrigan all over again.