How I Do

Res (pronounced Reese), a 23-year-old from Manhattan via Philadelphia, is sure to baffle throngs of listeners. The reason? How I Do is not just another hip-hop record; from the catchy chorus of “They Say Vision” to “If There Ain’t Nothing,” she urges listeners to use her lyrics as a lesson book. If Ambersunshower collided with the groovier moments of Jill Scott, we might understand where Res is coming from. With the production work of Doc (Esthero), who handles most of the production chores, and A Kid Called Roots (Memphis Bleek) on “The Hustler,” Res’ debut is a combination of laid-back hip-hop, sultry rock and electronic beats. Res is takin’ care of business by bringing elements not common with urban artists (acoustics, electronic beats, etc.) and fusing them with a smooth R&B tenor. A nice first effort from a girl who claims the Eurythmics and Stevie Wonder as influences in the same breath.