Hotel Artemis

Rated 4.0

In 2028 Los Angeles, torn by the worst riots in the city’s history, a hotel/hospital for wounded criminals has a busy night, taxing the endurance of the harried manager, known only as Nurse (Jodie Foster). Among the patients: two brothers, fugitives from a robbery gone wrong (Sterling K. Brown, Brian Tyree Henry), an arms dealer (Charlie Day), a hired assassin who wounded herself to get close to her next victim (Sofia Boutella), the hotel’s crimelord owner (Jeff Goldblum)—and, in a breach of the rules, a cop whom Nurse knew as a child (Jenny Slate). Writer-director Drew Pearce serves up a hyper-violent black comedy, not for the easily upset but for those who can take it, a wildly unpredictable ride sparked by edgy performances and a striking look (courtesy of production designer Ramsey Avery).