Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Rated 1.0

Two of the stars of the 2010 movie (Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson; John Cusack wisely dropped out) plunge back into that time-traveling spa (with Clark Duke, back as Corddry's dorky son) to thwart an attempted murder, but they wind up in the future instead of the past. The first movie was a stupid mess but a guilty pleasure; this one is stupider, messier and no pleasure at all. Director Steve Pink's direction and Josh Heald's script are, against all odds, even more slovenly than they were the first time, tailored to appeal to sniggering 11-year-old boys (who, because of the nonstop profanity, nudity and sex, can't get in to see the movie) and entirely laughless. The first movie was fun but instantly forgettable; the idea that we've spent five years wondering what happens next is downright insulting. J.L.