Hot Rod

Rated 1.0

A wannabe stuntman (Andy Samberg) sets out to perform a daring motorcycle jump to finance a heart transplant for the stepfather he loves to hate (Ian McShane). Samberg, co-star Jorma Taccone (playing Samberg’s half-brother) and director Akiva Schaffer call themselves Lonely Island, supposedly a comedy team. But they’re about as good a comedy team as Samberg’s character is at performing stunts: too clueless to know how funny they aren’t. You can’t exactly bet against Samberg (he’s as spectacularly untalented as Adam Sandler), but he’ll need a better vehicle than this. It’s cheap and clumsy, like home videos made by a band of junior-high misfits who sit in the cafeteria snorting milk through their noses and laughing at their own dumb jokes, pretending the dumbness is what makes them so funny.