Horse Cow town

Horse Cow Spring Festival

Runway fashion in the roaring 2000s.

Runway fashion in the roaring 2000s.

Gallery Horse Cow is known for its performance art “happenings.” And what branch of creativity is more happening in Sacramento than fashion? Everywhere you turn, someone’s digging up vintage duds, transforming them from dusty thrift throwaways into salvaged couture. Vintage and DIY clothing boutiques are abloom. And some fashionistas have stepped up to the challenge of crafting designs from scratch.

This Saturday, a powerhouse of local clothing makers—some reinventors, some full-on designers and many of them boutique owners—and musicians will come together for the Horse Cow Spring Festival. Designs by Amy Hemmens of Atelier; Lacadia Olsen of Cuffs; Liz Teebee ‘ah of Ye Olde Junk Shoppe; Olivia Coelho of Olipom and Bows and Arrows; Trisha Rhomberg of Bows and Arrows; Lindsay Rickman, Miss Maude and Sapphire Cordial will line the catwalk with an aesthetic ranging from whimsical antique to modern and silk-screened.

But the name-dropping doesn’t stop there. Event performers include Naik Fur, Obsidian Butterfly, Art Lessing and the Flower Vato, Chelsea Wolfe, Alas Alak Alaska!, Frank Moore and Night Nurse, MOM, Chopstick, Mike Blanchard, and the Musical Drum Key.

The event starts at 10 a.m. and goes “all night long.” And with a lineup that lengthy, you’d have to.