Homemade Kombucha Class at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op

Wednesday, January 8, 6pm, Community Learning Center & Cooking School, $35-$45


Food & Drink

Wednesday, 1/8

Homemade Kombucha Class

Community Learning Center & Cooking School, 6pm, $35-$45

If you’re like me, you have that one friend who makes their own kombucha, brings it everywhere and reuses old store-bought bottles to carry it everywhere. If you don’t have that one friend in your life, that just means you have to become the kombucha friend. You can get there by taking this kombucha class, hosted by Sacha Laurin and detailing the science behind fermentation, as well as the many variables you can tweak to get the perfect kombucha. 2820 R St., sac.coop.com.