Holidaze foodie cure

Undercover Caterer

It's the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Not to mention the most exhaustingly social.

Be it potlucks or office parties, holiday open houses or family get-togethers, chances are most invites you receive this season will ask for a little somethin' somethin' in return.

You could be a scrooge about the whole thing and just pick up a box of packaged cookies or a bottle of cheap booze.

Or, better yet, you could pop over to the Sacramento-based Undercover Caterer food blog for ideas. Written by Sarah Singleton, the blog grew out of the accomplished cook's catering work and a desire to “to tell people the sometimes fun and sometimes ridiculous stories that went with” the dishes she served.

Accordingly, the tone is light and fun—never ostentatious or overbearingly “foodie.” Which doesn't mean, of course, that Singleton doesn't highlight some impressive recipes. Taking much inspiration from her “Nana,” there are entries here for the usual appetizers, entrees, soups and desserts, but also separate sections for canning and “extras” (sauces, snacks, etc.).

A recent post for Egg Nog Pumpkin Bread looks particularly yummy—and an easy way to do your part at all those holiday functions, especially since each streusel-topped batch renders two loaves.

“[O]ne cannot live on cookies alone throughout the season,” Singleton opines. “Why not make some quickbread? … [E]at one now and freeze the other for your next holiday potluck if that floats your boat. Or if your family is anything like mine, you can just eat it all before anyone else gets to try it.”