Holiday Shopper


Get it while supplies last. It’s that time of year again. Forget the pilgrims, the cranberry sauce and the high-school football games. Celebrate Thanksgiving for what it really is: The last time you will see any of your hard-earned money until February.

While the holiday season means different things to different people, it means the same thing to retailers: Lots of people parting with lots of money. But before you get sucked into the vortex of spending that begins with the 7 a.m. sales the day after Thanksgiving, take a deep breath and dive into the calming waters of SN&R’s second annual Holiday Gift Guide.

Let us ease your shopping duties with some sage advice. Look inside for tips on how to kick-start your brain when you don’t have a clue what to buy, how to find great gifts for $50 or less, and how to protect yourself from crime. We’ve even provided a brief rundown of some traditional holiday events, should you make quick work of your shopping list.

Maybe someday, we Americans will rebel against the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy and spend the month of December pruning the rosebushes, contemplating world peace and catching up on bills. But until that day comes, we’re here to help you part with your money as painlessly as possible.

Obey the spend limit
Give us fifty bucks and we’ll give you 10 great gift ideas

Events to treasure
Relive and old tradition this holiday season, or start a new one

Holiday crime stoppers
Avoid giving away your goods during the season of giving

Get a clue!
A Sacramento gift diva offers some practical advice for inept holiday shoppers

Publisher: Scott Hassenflu
Writer: Alexis Raymond
Copy Editor: Nicholas Miller
Photographer: Larry Dalton
Designer: Tim Towles