Rated 2.0

A nameless man (Timothy Olyphant), trained from birth to be a cold assassin for a shadowy “Organization,” finds his latest hit was a set-up, with him the intended victim. Or something. The truth is, Skip Woods’ script doesn’t make much sense, which is par for the course for a video-game-based action flick. Hollywood (or, in this case, Hollywood and France together) has made just enough money off this bastard genre to keep the movies coming, but they never really work. The games are just one fight after another with little story and no drama, and so it is here. Director Xavier Gens tarts things up with a sweaty, smoky Eurotrash gleam, but the very premise—“elusive” killers walking around with shaved heads and barcode tattoos—is idiotic on its face. Ukrainian model Olga Kurylenko shows a lot of skin.