High fidelity

Details on some California tribute bands



Photo courtesy of mania!


Tribute to the Beatles (1957-1970)

Formed: 2014

Members: David VanDerBout (John Lennon), Aaron Linkin (Paul McCartney), Jeremy Dawson (George Harrison), Aaron Welch (Ringo Starr)

Deep catalog song: “One After 909”

Song most people know: “Hey Jude”


The Iron Maidens

Tribute to Iron Maiden (1975-present)

Formed: 2001

Members: Kirsten Rosenberg (aka Bruce “Chickinson”), Linda McDonald (Nikki “McBurrain”) Wanda Ortiz (“Steph” Harris), Courtney Cox (“Adriana” Smith), Nikki Stringfield (“Davina” Murray)

Deep catalog song: “Wrathchild”

Song most people know: “Run to the Hills”


Fleetwood Mask

Photo courtesy Fleetwood Mask

Petty Theft

Tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1976-2017)

Formed: 2003

Members: Dan Durkin (lead vocals/guitar), Adam “Bagel” Berkowitz (drums), Django Bayless (bass/vocals), Michael Papenburg (guitars), Monroe Grisman (guitar/vocals)

Deep catalog song: “Driving Down to Georgia”

Song most people know: “Free Fallin’”


Fleetwood Mask

Tribute to Fleetwood Mac (1967-present)

Formed: 2012

Members: Claudette Rodrigues (Stevie Nicks), Barbara Martin (Christine McVie), Don Oberempt (Mick Fleetwood), Paul Jones (John McVie) Christopher Zerbe (Lindsey Buckingham), Jason Moss (guitars)

Deep catalog song: “Bombay Sapphires”

Song most people know: “Dreams”


Steelin’ Dan

Tribute to Steely Dan (1972-present)

Formed: 2003

Members: Sandford Wragg (vocals), Kurt Shiflet (guitar), Ray Merrill (drums), Larry Tagg (Bass), Dave Buehler (keyboards), Ann Roach (vocals) Emily Kollars (vocals), Charley Langer (alto sax, ewi), Bob Williams (trombone), Maurice Montgomery (trumpet)

Deep catalog song: “Show Biz Kids”

Song most people know: “Hey Nineteen”


Just Like Heaven

Tribute to The Cure (1978-present)

Formed: 2013

Members: David Horning (vocals, guitar), David Tippie (guitar), Zakk Thonen (guitar), Christopher Joel Swanson (bass), Randy Teresi (drums), Ryan Vaughn (keyboards)

Deep catalog song: “10:15 Saturday Night”

Song most people know: “Lovesong”


Petty Theft

Photo courtesy of Petty Theft

Johnny Reno

Tribute to Elvis Presley (1953-1977)

Formed: 1979

Members: Johnny Reno (Elvis Presley).

Deep catalog song: “So Close Yet So Far (From Paradise)”

Song most people know: “Can’t Help Falling In Love”


Flock of Seagirls

Tribute to the “Ladies of the ’80s” (1980-1989)

Formed: 2013

Members: Stephanie Hammack (vocals), Jennifer Conley (bass), Katie Ijams (guitar, vocals, keytar), Dana Parker (drums)Ruba Tuesday (guitar), Gogo (keys, keytar).

Deep catalog song: “Crash” by The Primitives

Song most people know: Anything by Madonna



Tribute to AC/DC (1976-present)

Formed: 2008

Members: Mike Barnes (Bon Scott & Brian Johnson, Dave Chapman (Angus Young), Michael Spencer (Cliff Williams), Joel Proto (Malcolm Young), Steve Marshall (Phil Rudd).

Deep catalog song: “Squealer”

Song most people know: “Highway to Hell”