Heaven Is for Real

Rated 3.0

A 4-year-old (Connor Corum) comes through emergency surgery saying he visited heaven, where he met the great-grandfather he never knew, an unborn sister whom his mother miscarried before he was born and Jesus. His minister father (Greg Kinnear) finds his faith tested when he doesn't know what to make of the boy's story. Unbelievers will scoff, as they do at the book by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent on which Chris Parker and director Randall Wallace's script is based. Truthfully, the movie gives them reason: Its vision of heaven and angels is pretty white-bread and borderline cheesy. Still, it does tug the heartstrings, thanks to sincere performances, especially from young Corum. Good work too from Kelly Reilly as Kinnear's wife and Thomas Haden Church and Margo Martindale as friends and neighbors.