Heal thyself, blasphemous vegan

Illustration by MARGARET LARKIN

Rarely am I interested in every recipe in a cookbook. But in Healing the Vegan Way by Mark Reinfeld, I want to make them all, including the quinoa milk, cauliflower steak with Ethiopian-spiced almonds, turmeric hot sauce and raw carrot ginger cake. Maybe adding to the appeal is the first portion of the book, packed with science-based facts about diseases caused by processed and animal-based-food diets with the help of actual doctors, such as Michael Greger, and “Healing Stories,” first-person accounts by people who say they reversed horrible health issues by changing their relationship with food. It validates the vegan path for personal, environmental and animal health with scientific studies to show its nutritional benefits and debunk its myths—soy is dangerous (nah), milk does a body good (if you’re a baby cow) and it’s not possible to get enough nutrients in a vegan diet (wrong!). So, have you accepted a vegan diet as your food and savior? Hail seitan!