Hate the Web site

Damn that Internet, always throwin’ salt in a chap’s game.

Bros can’t even go out anymore for an innocent evening of drinks and philandering without having their exploits pop up the next day on sites like Napkin Nights.

And if the Internet is the proverbial salt-throwa, then www.dontdatehimgirl.com is the ultimate online cock block.

What is Don’t Date Him Girl? Well fellas, treat your female wrong and she now can hop online, put up your photo and a few nasty words about you, to boot.

Take, for instance, a recent post on the site for well-known local developer Kyriakos “KT” Tsakopoulos, president and CEO of KT Communities in Roseville and son of famed Sacramentan Angelo Tsakopoulos:

“Dating him is a lose-lose situation. He does not care about anyone but himself. … Do not fall for the money or the smile it is hiding an ugly soul.”

Ouch! Read the post in its entirety at the DDHG Web site.

Whether the rant on KT is legit or not, the lesson’s as clear as day: Women should not be allowed online.