Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Rated 4.0 Two semi-slacker roommates (John Cho and Kal Penn) set off on a munchies-driven quest for White Castle hamburgers that escalates into one madcap adventure after another in the longest, most eventful night of their lives. This attempt to revive the stoner comedies of Cheech and Chong’s heyday is shameless, vulgar, tasteless and gross—and the funniest movie so far this year, with a laughs-to-jokes ratio well above 75 percent. Underneath all the pot-and-potty jokes, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg’s script is quite well-constructed, spacing the jokes evenly and building each loopy complication expertly on the one before it. Danny Leiner directs in a spirit of blissed-out anarchy, and there are clever cameos from Anthony Anderson, Neil Patrick Harris, Fred Willard, Christopher Meloni and others.