Hardcore Henry

Rated 2.0

A man wakes up with bionic arms and legs but with no memory and no voice. A woman (Haley Bennett) says his name is Henry, and she’s his wife; beyond that he knows nothing, except that a vicious warlord (Danila Kozlovsky) is in pursuit and trying hard to kill him. Director Ilya Naishuller (co-writing with Will Stewart) has a cool gimmick: the entire movie is seen through Henry’s eyes, and the chases, fights, falls, crashes and stunts are virtually nonstop. It’s a commendable technical tour de force, but it wears thin eventually; the constant bloodletting becomes oppressive, the story is more trouble to follow than it’s worth, and the movie becomes like watching somebody else play a video game. There’s one first-rate performance: Sharlto Copley as a series of identical incarnations of the same personality. J.L.