Happily Ever After

This type-design company, based in East Sacramento, has downsized its once large-format magazine, slipping a CD into the paperboard folder that holds each now-notebook-sized issue. The much smaller format makes it economical to switch to four-color design; 23 of the 64 pages in No. 61 carry beautiful illustrations and photography to help illuminate the music on the CD, Happily Ever After by the ambient texturalist combo the Grassy Knoll, which released music in the early ’90s on Emigre when it ran a record label on the side. The densely forested music, similar to that of guitar-driven Durutti Column, is perfect for point-and-clicking, or contemplating the magazine’s sparse contents—a list of the nifty fonts Emigre publishes and a short but excellent chronology on the development of Los Feliz, a new typeface. Available via subscription ($16 a year) from Emigre, 4475 D St., Sacramento, CA 95819.