Hank Williams

Turn Back the Years: The Essential Hank Williams Collection

When DJ Junior showed up with the 10-disc Complete Hank Williams, my Greatest Hits CD suddenly seemed inadequate. Unfortunately, it would be some time before I could cough up 150 bucks to possess everything that the main man of American music ever touched. I skipped The Ultimate Collection, and I’m glad I did as I wrap my ears around this three-CD, 60-song package that will tide me over while I wait for my investments to mature. Mercury Nashville has done a good job of mixing the songs that we all must own, great sing-alongs like “Moanin’ the Blues” and “I’m a Long Gone Daddy,” with eclectic lesser-known tunes like “Angel of Death” and “Pale Horse and His Rider.” If you’re interested in checking out the legacy of Hank, this is a great place to start.