Rated 5.0

Fledgling Sacto theater company Artistic Differences nails it with this energetic production of HAiR. If the average demographic in the audience is closer in age to signing up for Social Security payments than registering with Selective Service, the excitement is palpable nonetheless. The incredibly young, incredibly talented cast is highlighted by the versatile and rambunctious Jerry Lee, who delights the audience with his wacky portrayal of Berger. Christian St. Croix’s turn as the other male lead, Claude Hooper Bukowski, makes use of his resonant and emotional voice to texture the moral dilemma between dodging the draft and going to Vietnam. Notable among the supporting cast are the vocal performances of Rashad Jahi as Hud, Inertia DeWitt as Dionne, and Joelle L. Wirth as Jeannie, whose turn with “Hippie Life” rattled the rafters.
The Space; 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday; $15-$18. 2509 R Street; (916) 233-5597, Through May 26.