Guess Who

Rated 2.0 A stockbroker (Ashton Kutcher) goes home with his African-American fiancée (Zoë Saldana) to meet her folks (Bernie Mac and Judith Scott)—who don’t know he’s white. No, it’s not a race-switching remake of 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (The mere suggestion is yet another insult to a well-meaning picture that, in its day, got nothing but scorn from the self-anointed intelligentsia.) Any resemblance is more in the nature of homage—or, rather, an in-joke—than a remake. On its own, this one is a predictable, blandly inoffensive comedy with little insight and few laughs but many trivial chuckles, plus a sentimental wrap-up cornier than anything from 1967. The cast is likeable but underemployed by director Kevin Rodney Sullivan and writers David Ronn, Jay Scherick and Peter Tolan.