Goulash orkestar

The heat is off the attendees of Sacramento Vegetarian Society’s monthly vegan potluck to perform in the kitchen this month. Instead, The Touring Vegan Chef Joshua Ploeg will do all the cooking. Ploeg, formerly based in Sacramento, is also a cookbook author and punk-rock noise maker. He’s making a buffet-style brunch Sunday, January 13 at the Southside Park Cohousing courtyard (434 T Street) at 11 a.m. For $15 a head, fill a plate (or bowl) with Dutch pea soup, white bean goulash, demi baguette, jackfruit tacos with homemade corn tortillas, ratatouille, salad and fruit crumble, all “vegan, oil-free, gluten-free, soy-free,” according to SVS. Get more details at facebook.com/SacVegSociety. But if you can’t get goulash brunch on Sunday, January 14 is Meatless Monday at Old Ironsides (1901 10th Street), 6 p.m.-9 p.m., and meatless meals are only five bucks. Not sure if vegan goulash will be there too, but there definitely will be music.