Got RT complaints? Ruth does!

Ruth didn’t much care for the light-rail conductor’s harsh tone when he told her she couldn’t put her prized Schwinn up in the bike rack at the front of an empty train and, instead, ordered her to wedge the damn thing awkwardly into a corner at the back of the train in everybody’s way. How rude! That’s positively no way to treat a lady. Ruth will air her grievance and channel transcendental visions for the future of public transit in Sacramento at a series of open houses on the Regional Transit Master Plan, which provides a blueprint for growth in bus, light rail and shuttle service over the next 25 to 30 years. Open houses will be held Wednesday and Thursday evenings through June 4 at various locations. Ruth will surely attend each and every once, plopping herself down front and center. And don’t expect her to keep her voice down. For more information, visit