Got dessert?

Buy <i>Full Course Meal</i> at local record stores; find out more on Blee at <a">

Buy Full Course Meal at local record stores; find out more on Blee at

Sacramento rapper Blee’s new full-length, the aptly titled and amply loaded Full Course Meal, is good local eats. And when I write local, no joke; Blee says every emcee, artist, producer and engineer that worked on it—Marknoxx, Tavia Jenkins, Blozart, Bosse, Doey Rock, Miss Ashleigh, N8 the Gr8, Plush Lush, Kelcz, Tofu, Sene, Npire Da Great, Jae Synth, DJ Epik—all hail from the 916. And of course, Full Course Meal was produced by Sacramentans Chase Moore and J-Intell at Midtown’s Omina Laboratories. It’s a Meal as Sacto as Zelda’s Gourmet Pizza. Anyway, back to the beats. Blee, who hosts the 2 Blee Blunt radio program every Monday from 10 p.m. to midnight online at, does a bit of everything: conscious, mainstream, experimental—basically, the sounds adhere to Blee’s all-encompassing “turf hop” banner. The song with Doey is sick, but he saves the best for last with the title track, featuring verses by 5th Ave (who probably put out the last great local rap album, Delorean’s No More Heroes) and Theek, rapping about eats and drinks over a smoothed-out keyboard run and drum sample. “We cook a lot / it’s burning hot / with extra sauce / it hit the spot / la la la,” they chant on the chorus; any lover of songs and snacks (like fans of Animal Collective’s Strawberry Jam) will clamor for dessert after Blee’s tasty release. Tip generously.