Goods & services: The bucks stop here

Saturday is finally here. No doubt, you’ve earned it.

Start your morning off slow and lazy with an inexpensive meal at Cassidy’s Family Restaurant in East Sacramento; $2.99 will buy you one of several breakfast combo choices. Sip your coffee leisurely and peruse the pages of—what else?—your favorite newsweekly. (Um, wow. That hurt. I meant us.)

To look your best tonight, spend the afternoon shopping for some hot new vintage duds at Bows and Arrows boutique at 17th and L streets in Midtown. Twenty-five bucks should be plenty to spice up an ensemble and start turning some heads.

Here’s a freebie for any time to kill before night really falls, as fashionably late is the way to go. Waste away happily in the sounds of R5 Records and the pages of The Avid Reader on Broadway. The aisles are packed with endless hours of free entertainment and inspiration for a myriad of different interests. But don’t be shy to buy if something strikes your fancy.

Now get going: Stop by the Level Up Lounge for the non-stop flight to Thailand combo: your choice of three signature cocktails and one small plate. Try the Moay Thai and the lobster potstickers.

After that, you’re on your own, with a whole $40 left in tow. Go forth amongst the summer throng and bring sexy back. Make us proud.