Good cheer

Cherio! Skaal! Gezondheid! Kanpai! Salud!

However you say it, the invitation to drink is universally understood. No matter where people stand on politics, the death penalty or the Chris Webber trade, they know what to do when someone lifts a glass high in the air: chug. These days, the problem in Sacramento is deciding where to raise your glass. A new bar opens seemingly every week, and many of them have sophisticated sensibilities that are more Hollywood than River City. In 2005, going out in Sacramento can require not only a map and a phone book, but also an expensive haircut and a new wardrobe.

The first-ever SN&R Cheers! guide is here to help you navigate our burgeoning bar scene. Whether you want to chill at a local tavern or meet the most eligible and well-to-do singles in town, we’ll help you find the best place to do it. From Pabst Blue Ribbon to expensive and fruity pseudo martinis and from British ale to classic cocktails, if it contains alcohol, we’ll tell you where to find it faster than you can say “Bottoms up!”


All night, every night.
It’s never too late to party in Sacramento.

Will commute for booze.
Nightlife in Sacramento’s suburbs is growing almost as fast as the population.

The happiest hour.
Many local bars provide discounted drinks, food and an excuse to drink before 5 p.m.

Love thy neighbor.
Sacramento’s neighborhood watering holes serve good times without pretense.

Cheers to …

Chris Nestor and Icon Lounge & Restaurant for allowing us to bring in our rowdy cover models and shoot them getting drunk!

Copy Editors Nick Miller, Sarah Sol
Writer Alexis Raymond
Art Director Andrea Diaz-Vaughn
Photographer Jill Wagner
Advertising Project Manager Jeff Bartell