Good Boy!

Rated 3.0 From Jim Henson Pictures comes a new rather saccharine but appealing live-action spin on Hollywood’s “a boy and his dog” chestnut. Twelve-year old Owen (Liam Aiken) worked as a dog walker for an entire summer to convince his parents (Saturday Night Live alumni Kevin Nealon and Molly Shannon) that he was responsible enough to have a dog of his own. He selects his new pet from among the inmates of the local animal-control center and names him Hubble. The strangely howling canine turns out to be a bowwow from another planet who is insulted that his fellow extraterrestrial flea magnets have strayed from their original mission to colonize Earth to become nothing more than pampered pets. Owen wakes up one morning to discover he understands what his new dog (the voice of Matthew Broderick) and his former furry charges are saying and helps them prepare for the arrival of the Greater Dane, who has the power to banish all dogs from the planet.