First, I can’t recommend this album enough. Second, if you thought rock ’n’ roll was dead, with such recent cool groups as the White Stripes, the Strokes, the Hives and England’s own Gomez coming down the pike, rock appears ready to make a comeback. Gomez’s new album, its third, has the added attraction in the way that it combines new-style electronica with old-style rock ’n’ roll. The only comparison I can make is a melding of Pink Floyd and the later, psychedelic Beatles. One standout is the title track, “In Our Gun,” which begins as a mournful ballad, then progresses into a sublime electronic jam. Other tracks of note are “Drench,” with its totally Nirvana-inspired trip rock, and “Even Song,” which surprisingly has a country-rock, vintage Allman Brothers sound. So far Gomez hasn’t really broken in America, and that’s a crime. I recommend you go out and buy this album, now!