Golden Shoulders


“All my friends and my family are remarkable people,” sings Golden Shoulders’ Adam Kline on “Friends and Family.” “They are nothing like the creeps in this town.” Kline’s music is fun, but you can tell he’s seriously devoted to his peeps: The message is so clear and sincere that I’m glad I don’t live in Nevada City. This short EP (well under 15 minutes) is mostly concerned with its title subject—familial relationships, from mothers to brothers—though it’s not all hugs and birthday cards. “Daughters” is a piano-driven head-bopper that turns John Mayer’s similarly named (and much worse) song on its head, exhorting girls to “lock up your mothers.” A glossy pop sheen of production provided by Deathray’s Dana Gumbiner is the perfect touch; Kin is for summer driving with the top down.