Go-to guy

Angus MacGyver lives in a complicated world. Everywhere he goes, someone’s in trouble, and it’s pretty much up to MacGyver to save the day. Part Indiana Jones, part James Bond and part Leonardo Da Vinci, MacGyver is famous for using his wits and crazy, improvised contraptions to get himself out of sticky situations.

Oh, but you already knew that. Collecting all seven seasons and the two made-for-TV movies, the new MacGyver box set is the best way to get your fill of Richard Dean Anderson’s iconic character. Each episode brims over with Mac’s scientific and philosophical voice-overs and bad puns, all somehow made cool buy Anderson’s smooth, easygoing delivery. Sure, the bad guys become fairly generic at times, but Anderson makes certain that you’ll never grow tired of your resourceful hero’s gold-hearted quirks and devilishly good looks—mullet-framed though they may be.

Now, if you’re the type of person who needs a fancy box and special features to buy a television show on DVD, then MacGyver: The Complete Series is not for you. One of the most basic sets ever released, this 39-disc collection comes in a no-frills case and is utterly devoid of special features. That seems unfairly annoying, but the meat of the product remains intact and doesn’t disappoint. All of Mac’s adventures can be yours for around $135.

So instead of dwelling on the negative, do what MacGyver would do and make lemonade from lemons. Actually, what MacGyver would do is use the citric acid from the lemons to create a corrosive that would provide the timer for a delayed blowtorch made from the magnesium of a bicycle frame and the rust of some paint cans, and then … uh, something—voila! Yeah, that’s why he’s MacGyver and you’re not.