So Italian, So Intense

From the sepulcher of Sacramento hardcore legend Will Haven comes a new project teeming with promise, vigor and urgency. Ghostride is three-quarters of Will Haven plus Tinfed’s Rey Osburn and Oddman’s Cayle Hunter. Ghostride melds mid-tempo, down-tuned guitars into a fresh, mesmerizing mélange that recalls Nebula, Sub Pop-era Soundgarden, Helmet and latter-day Deftones. More importantly, Ghostride finds Osburn stretching his increasing vocal range to new heights (“Long Live the Buffalo” and “Greased Up Robots”) against the din raised by Will Haven’s backbone of guitarist Jeff Irwin, bassist Mike Martin and drummer Mitch Wheeler. Until the band finds a proper label with U.S. distribution, this four-song EP will more than suffice. It’s available at and at shows.