Ghost Town

Rated 3.0

An ill-tempered dentist with no social skills (Ricky Gervais) is suddenly able to see and hear ghosts, and one of them (Greg Kinnear) wants the dentist to break up the impending marriage of his widow (Téa Leoni). The script by John Kamps and director David Koepp has an amusing premise to get it started, the comic rapport between Gervais and Kinnear to build momentum and the rather sweetly hesitant romantic chemistry between Gervais and Leoni to keep it rolling into the third act. There’s something about Gervais’ screen persona that makes us hope that, somehow, he’ll eventually learn his lesson; it’s easy to imagine other actors (just as good) in the role, yet losing our sympathy early and never getting it back. The script, and director Koepp’s sprightly pace, falter only slightly in the closing scenes.