Gang Starr

Hip-hop historians rejoice as Wild Pitch Records reissues this 1989 breakthrough album, widely regarded as one of the cornerstones of the genre. Hear the calm, almost hypnotic MC Guru, better known to modern beat junkies for his Jazzmatazz albums, early in his career proving that he was, indeed, born to rhyme. Allow DJ Premier to give you a thorough tour of the jazz, funk and soul that form the roots of hip-hop while also making innovations that will, over a decade later, make Premiere become the subject of modern DJ hero worship. With three bonus tracks (including “The Lesson,” Gang Starr’s little-known 12” debut) any would-be hip-hop aficionado would be wise to add this important reissue to his or her collection. JCOR plans to reissue Wild Pitch’s rap classics in coming months. And DJs, you are not forgotten: Wild Pitch/JCOR is reissuing many old-school singles on vinyl for your benefit.